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onsdag 14 september 2011

Breakfast or lunch?

I'm happy that I already have eat breakfast.

Today at 8.30 our cat come to my office. He jump up to my knee and start kissing me, that he normally doing. After a half and hour I go to the kitchen. He go around my foot and miaows, but I care more about that. When I go back to the office, I kicked his toy mouse.
BUT IT WAS NOT his toy. It was a really field vole, near 15 cm long. 
And the cat kissed me before in my face.

I wonder if he plan to give me this to breakfast or to lunch?

Sweet feet

Barbecued or fried? What would you like?

1 kommentar:

Maria G sa...

Duktig kisse ;-)
Kan tänka mig att man blir lite mera restriktiv vad gäller kattpussar efter den upplevelsen...