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lördag 17 september 2011

One people can't help all people, but all can help one people.

Did you have one or two USD over each day?
Har du 5 eller 10 Sek över varje dag? Eller en krona?
I write in English so Oh and Aloh can read what I say about them.

work with foundation in Tanzania, but also have friends in Thailand how need helps.
Oh and Aloh



Today we meet two people from Thailand, Oh and Aloh. They take care of our daughters when they was voluntaries in Thailand.
It was so nice to meet them again after all years.
They are so happy, friendly and so nice. They work so hard in Thailand for helping young people to a better life. 

This two young people lived in a small room and don't have so much money. All money they have they let go to young people.
They dream that they can start up a place there young people can come and have food, education and a safe place. But it is expensive, specially for them. 

They invite us to visit them again, then they hope we can go together with them to north Thailand and visit his parents. I would like to do that.

But they need money. Alo say that she have crying lot of time about the situation. She need more money so she can help children i Thailand, The government don't help the children. So if you can avoid only 1 USD or 6 Swedish crones each day, please let me know. Then I can fix so your money go to them. I know that they do the best for the money. 

Remember, you don't help me, you help children i Thailand, children that nobody else helping. 

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